Edgar Allan Poe’s Nightmares in his Dream and Wake

On October 7, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe died. The circumstances surrounding the death of the great American writer are not only sad but mysterious. Strange and mystical stories haunted Edgar Allan Poe throughout his life, and many of the plots for his works, as you have already guessed, the writer did not invent…

Allan’s Foster Family

Adversity begins in childhood. His father left the family when the boy was not even a year old, and after a while, the writer’s mother died of consumption. Left alone, the three-year-old boy came into the well-off Allan family. But he had to be separated from his brother and sister. However, all the babies ended up in different but good families. The Allans could not have children of their own, so Edgar became their firstborn.

Virginia Clemm

Edgar Allan Poe married when he was 27 years old, and his bride Virginia Clemm was not even 14. In addition, the young girl was a cousin of Allan Poe. However, their marriage can still be called a happy one. Only it was so for a short time. Six years after the wedding, Virginia became ill with tuberculosis, from which she died.

It was a real blow to the writer. Edgar Allan Poe never recovered from the loss of his beloved wife. The writer fell into a terrible depression and began to drink often and heavily. His outlet was literature. During such a difficult period of life, Edgar Allan Poe wrote: “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Oval Portrait”, and “The Well and the Pendulum”.

The Investigation by Edgar Allan Poe

In the difficult year of 1842, for it was then that the writer’s wife learned of his illness, Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Mystery of Marie Rogers.” The murder, which is easily the basis of the story, really happened a year earlier, and in his investigation, Edgar Allan Poe advanced considerably more than the police. The writer analyzed all the evidence and identified the perpetrator. The police did not believe him and continued their search. Their investigation ended up with the same verdict as the writer.

A time machine or a prophetic tale?

Edgar Allan Poe’s only completed work was A Tale of the Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym. It tells of a shipwreck. Four lucky men manage to escape, but in utter despair because of the lack of any food, they ate one of the crew members.

An important detail is the year of creation of the work – 1838. And it became prophetic because, in 1884, the real ship “Mignonette” crashed. Four people also escaped, and the story was repeated with the eating of one unfortunate. In the book by Edgar Allan Poe, the name of the one who was eaten is Richard Parker. That was also the name of the man in the real story.

The writer’s mysterious death

In early October 1849, Edgar Allan Poe was found in a tavern. The writer was in serious condition. He could hardly stand on his feet and could not speak. Edgar Poe was sent to the hospital, but there he only got worse. The writer began convulsions, his condition was close to a coma.

On October 7, Edgar Allan Poe died. The cause of the writer’s death is still a mystery. Many believe that Edgar Allan Poe could have been poisoned, and some do not believe in all kinds of speculation. Another common version of what happened is alcohol.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Nightmares in his Dream and Wake

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