Month: February 2023

Most Unusual Traditions Around the world

There are so many bizarre traditional practices observed across the globe. Some of these traditions have been what distinguish those who practice them from the rest of the world. Here are some of the most bizarre traditions observed by tribes across the globe. This is an ancient Spanish celebration that dates back to 1620. Castrillo […]

Facing premeditated murder charge, Instagram model Courtney Cleanney has appeared in bond court

Miami Instagram model Courtney Cleanney appeared in bond court on Saturday morning, accused of stabbing her boyfriend in their shared apartment. Kleiny, 26, also known as Courtney Taylor, who has more than two million followers on Instagram, was charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon in the murder of Christian Toby Obomselli in April […]

The Story Of NaVajo Skinwalker, The Mysterious Figure Native Americans Are Scared Of.

The Navajo Believe that the skinwalkers are shapeshift witches that pose as disfigured animals such as wolves and bears. Traditions claim that skinwalkers were formerly healers and medicine men who became corrupted by their own power and turned evil. It’s also been said that breaching tribal taboos and committing social offenses can turn anyone into […]

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