Month: January 2024

Top 15 Smartphone Brands in The World

In this 21st century, smartphones have become part and parcel of our day-to-day life. Mobile phones are the most used electronic devices in today’s world and the exponential growth witnessed by the mobile industry in recent years is indeed a great achievement. The necessity of mobile phones has never been so critical as it is […]

10 Most Innovative Companies in The World

In today’s cutthroat competitive market it is imperative for companies to be at the forefront of innovation to survive. It is no more Business as Usual.There are three important things for successful innovation a) Innovation is the topmost priority in the organization strategy. b) Investment commitment for Innovation and talent acquisition. c) Monitor closely and […]

Why Is ‘Most-Googled Person’, Andrew Tate Famous?

Multi-millionaire Andrew Tate became the most google person for all the wrong reasons. The former kickboxer and social media influencer has been trending for his misogynistic views. Moreover, the notorious internet celebrity was detained last week (Dec. 29) in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and for an alleged organized crime group. Here’s all […]

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