Month: May 2023

What Happened To Calendar In October 1582?

From measuring time through sundials to achieving accuracy with the invention of calendars, the world witnessed a revolutionary change with the introduction of the Gregorian calendars. However, as the old saying goes, to err is human. Sometime back, some curious minds unravelled a mystery that was right in front of eyes but went unnoticed for […]

Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World

If you are a travel freak and interested in exploring the tallest statues around the world then this article is for you. The construction of statues is ongoing since ancient times. These exclusive tall statues make a significant space in the travel and tourism industry worldwide. These statues which are spread all across the world […]

Top 30 Most Comfortable Shoes for Men

Your feet can endure a lot of stress. Consider how much you walk on a daily basis. This does not even include the running and other forms of exercise that you like doing on a daily basis. You must have a means of keeping your feet comfy, which is where shoes come into play. Not […]

25 Most Spoken Languages in the World

To start with, we might have heard of many languages which are spoken around the world. However, we don’t usually know the most spoken languages around the world. Moreover, it is actually a tricky question when someone asks you about the languages which are the most spoken in the world. Mostly every country has its […]

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