The Whitaker Family: Horrors of Inbreeding

The thought of incest is enough to gross one out. Here, I am not talking about Game of Thrones. I am talking about reality, rather, an ugly reality. Do you know the Whitaker Family? It is considered as the most infamous inbred family from Odd, West Virginia.

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The Whitaker family is British by descent and lives in lives in extremely unkempt conditions. The individuals initially included Ray, Lorraine, Timmy (only cousin), Freddie and an unnamed sister. However, Freddie died of a heart attack a long time ago.

You can somewhere relate this story to the Colt Clan incest case wherein Clan assaulted his daughters to make kids. it was this 4-generation of incest “horror tale”. however, the two sisters openly shared beds with their brother. Nevertheless, reliable sources confirm that the Whitaker family is inbred.

Mark Latia personally warned everyone to stay away from the Whitaker family as they are guarded by their armed neighbors and the Raleigh County deputies. He said,  “I strongly discourage anyone attempting to look for the Whitakers as their armed neighbours and the Raleigh County deputies both make it clear that curious visitors are not welcome.”  

The Whitaker family is extremely secretive, no one knows where they come from and who their parents are. The members of this family never revealed anything about their parents too. But one thing is clear, they are inbreds.

West Virginia’s reputation for inbreeding

The Whitaker Family: Horrors of Inbreeding

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