Seargeoh Stallone: Everything About Sylvester Stallone’s Son

Seargeoh Stallone is the son of popular American actor and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone and his ex-wife, Sasha Czack.

Seargeoh featured in the 1979 film Rocky II as Rocky Balboa Jr. It is believed that Seargeoh was a very shy boy when he was very young however his parents were worried about his frequent silence.

In 1982, he was diagnosed with autism when he was just three years old. Sylvester and Sasha consulted doctors as they realized that Seargeoh was having issues in communication, however, he was able to draw, and write letters at an early age.

Almost everyone knows about Sylvester Stallone, who has wooed the audiences with his action-packed performances. However, not all know about the action star’s adult son Seargeoh, who is away from the public glare.

We will cover everything about Seargeoh Stallone in our article below.

Early Life & Family

Seargeoh Stallone was born in the year 1979 in the United States of America. His father was known for his performance in hit action films like Rocky and Rambo among others.

His mother is an American actress and director, popular for her roles in the TV series Love of Life and in the short drama Vic. She also wrote and directed the short film Long Lost Love.

Seargeoh has three half-sisters – Sophia Rose Stallone, Sistine Rose Stallone, and Scarlet Rose Stallone. His elder brother Sage Stallone, an American actor and producer passed away in 2012 because of heart disease.

His parents divorced in 1985 after staying together for 11 years.

Seargeoh’s diagnosis with Autism

Seargeoh Stallone started showing signs of autism after he posed for the cover page of American weekly magazine, “People”, along with his dad. Sylvester instantly identified that something is not right with his son’s behavior. Seargeoh started saying the same words again and again. He started drawing pictures at a very early age when he was barely able to walk.

After undergoing several medical procedures and scanning, doctors have confirmed that he is diagnosed with autism. Both Sylvester and Sasha refused to accept this fact as they broke down.

It was a very tough situation for them as parents, however, they both agreed to face the situation and came forward to take the responsibility of upbringing the child themselves.

In an interview with People magazine, Shasha said, “I knew that Sly couldn’t get as involved because of his work. We do what we have to do. So I just said, ‘Give me the money, and I’ll take care of it.’”

His heath improved over time as Homeschooling and therapy sessions assisted Seargeoh’s mobility and eventually his speech improved when he was 10.

Personal Life

There is very little information available in the public domain about his personal life. He is very close to his family members and likes to lead a very private life. His role as the son of Rocky in the movie was later portrayed by actor Milo Ventimiglia.

Unlike his father, Seargeoh is not active on social media. In fact, he doesn’t have any social media account. His father is super active on social media presence, having accounts on various platforms like Twitter (2.9 million followers), Instagram (14.8 million followers), and Facebook (11 million).

His father not only uses the platform to promote his new and upcoming projects but also on his personal website where he posts photos and videos too.

Seargeoh Stallone: Everything About Sylvester Stallone’s Son

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