Michael Oher’s Wife – Everything About Tiffany Roy

Some celebrities like to display every detail of their personal lives to their fans, while others prefer the contrary. Keeping relationships private becomes daunting for celebrities as the internet and media are always looking for ways and means to find information about their favorite actors, sportsmen, businessmen, and politicians.

Michael Oher kept his private life under wraps for a long time until an Uber driver accused him of misbehaving. The media came to know about his wife, Tiffany Roy.

So, who is Tiffany Roy, and what does she do? How did Oher’s relationship status come out in public? Here are the details.

Who is Tiffany Roy?

According to a few sources, Tiffany Michelle Roy was born in 1982 in Lansing, Michigan. Her current age is 40.

She lives in Memphis, Mississippi, and holds American nationality. Her ethnicity is black, and she follows Christianity.

How Did Oher’s News about Marriage Come Out?

The news about Oher’s long-time marriage with Tiffany Roy broke the internet in a very unexpected way. In 2017, Oher was arrested for an altercation with an Uber driver.

Reportedly, the documents from the driver’s lawsuit claimed the NFL player was intoxicated when he got into the vehicle. The driver alleged that Oher asked him to follow his wife’s car to a country club in Nashville where they would continue their night out. The driver lost track of Roy’s vehicle, which made Oher enraged.

The incident resulted in a misdemeanor assault charge for Oher. However, these charges were later dismissed. But the news of Oher’s marriage to Tiffany came out!

When Did Oher and Tiffany Get Marry?

The couple has been married for a long time. But no confirmed information on the official date of their marriage is present on the internet or media.

In 2015, Oher’s adoptive brother, SJ Tuohy, shared a group photo of the family, which also revealed that the couple might have a son.

What does Tiffany Roy Do?

Tiffany Roy is a businesswoman. She runs her own online boutique store by the name The Feminish Collection. Besides this, she is also working as the vice president of Beat the Odds Inc. with her husband.

Can I Find Tiffany Roy on the Internet?

No. You cannot find much about Oher’s wife on the internet. She doesn’t like the attention of the media and keeps herself very private. She doesn’t use any social media platform either. But you can follow her husband on Instagram.

What is Tiffany Roy’s Net Worth?

Since much information remains unavailable, it is hard to predict the businesswoman’s net income. Even her husband, Oher, is exceedingly cautious in keeping all his private matters confidential. Recently, some information about the couple’s new house leaked on the internet.

In 2014, Oher bought an opulent property and paid a staggering $1.3 million for it. This large house is located in Brentwood. Michael Oher’s net worth is approximately $20 million.

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Michael Oher’s Wife – Everything About Tiffany Roy

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