Meet Kim Scott: Where is Eminem’s Ex-Wife Nowadays?

Kimberly Ann Scott, also known as Kim Mathers, became a popular name in the late 90s after dating rapper Eminem. The duo dated for a decade. According to their friends, colleagues, and fans, the two were a match made in heaven. Despite being together for a long time, the two were also known to get into spat a quite a lot.

Here’s everything to know about Kim Scott.

Who is Kim Scott?

Kimberly or Kim Scott is most widely recognized as Eminem’s ex-wife. The relationship between the two was well-documented in the 90s and early noughties everywhere in the tabloids.

Born on the 9th of January, 1975, Kim didn’t have a good childhood. She was born in Michigan, but Kim and her twin sister had to run away from their home in 1988. The duo took shelter in a youth shelter outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Her Relationship with Eminem

Kim and Eminem knew each other since childhood. They met in 1987 when both were just teenagers. Reportedly, sparks began to fly between them through the 90s. The couple dated each other for a while and even welcomed their first and only child, Hailie Mathers.

It was after Hailie’s birth in 1995 that the duo decided to take a serious step in their relationship. Eminem and Kim tied a knot in 1999 and lived like a happy family for some time. Sadly, they started finding themselves in some rocky waters. Their marriage ended two years later, but they didn’t part ways. In fact, they also did a second marriage and divorce in one year – 2006.

Kim Was a Suicidal Person

If the reports are to be believed, Kim Scott has been a suicidal person. When the people attended her Michigan home after receiving reports of her suicide attempts, the woman became defensive and restrained. She was then taken to the hospice for medical and psychological evaluation.

It was not the first time when Kim tried to commit suicide. She had previously attempted it in October 2015 too.

In an interview, Kim stated that it was her ex-husband who helped the lady come out of suicidal thoughts. She also said that Eminem has been supportive, even after divorcing her.

Where is Kim Scott Now?

Kim Scott is pursuing her career as a freelance illustrator. She owns a house in Macomb Township, Michigan, United States of America. Reportedly, she enjoys an estimated worth £1.5 million.

Things you Didn’t know about Kim Scott

  • Kim and her sister were raised by her mother and stepfather.
  • Kim, Dawn, and Eminem studied at the same school, Lincoln High School.
  • She sued Eminem after he released a song on her for stopping him to rap about her.
  • Kim also has a son, Parker Scott, but there are no details about his father.
  • Kim once attempted to take her life by slitting her wrist when Eminem assaulted her during his Up in Smoke Tour. The incident took place in 2001.
  • The gorgeous daughter of the two celebrities has become a successful Instagram influencer. Hailie graduated in 2014 and proceeded to Michigan State University.
Meet Kim Scott: Where is Eminem’s Ex-Wife Nowadays?

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