Your ears can say a lot about your health and these are the 8 things you should keep in mind

Cleaning your ears several times a week is a common hygiene rule that we have been taught since childhood. coque iphone en ligne But few people know that cerumen not only fulfills a protective function, but can also say many things about the general state of the organism. Use a cotton swab to check what color your wax is and find out if you have cause to worry. Gray cerumen If your earwax is gray and you have no other symptoms, you should not panic. coque iphone xs max It’s probably just dust. This color of cerumen is often present in the inhabitants of large cities, where the air is too polluted. Cerumen with blood spots If you noticed blood stains when cleaning your ears, you should be alarmed: it could be a sign that you have pierced your eardrum. This can lead to ear infections, which can lead to ear infections and worsen hearing. So it’s better to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Cerumen café If your ears produce a lot of wax and it is brown, it means that recently your body went through a great stress. So try to stop getting nervous and spend a couple of days in a quiet environment. Cerumen negro If the cerumen turned black on a single occasion, it is not a sign of any disease. soldes coque iphone 2019 But if you feel itching that only intensifies, you should go to the doctor immediately, since the black color indicates that there is a fungal infection. Cerumen blanco The white wax is a sign that your body needs vitamins and microelements, especially iron and copper. So introduce to your diet the foods that contain these substances, for example, beans, oats and peas. Or take a vitamin course to supplement the deficiency Cerumen with smells A pungent and unpleasant smell means that there is an infection in the middle ear. In addition to the change in smell, you can also feel noise and your ears covered. If you have these symptoms, go to the doctor. coque iphone pas cher Liquid cerumen The change in the consistency of earwax and its discharge from the ear speak of a possible lesion of the auditory and the beginning of an inflammatory process. coque iphone 8 In this case you need to see a doctor. Cerumen seco The simplest explanation for the change in the structure of cerumen is the deficiency in your body of healthy fats. If after starting to consume high-fat food does not change anything, you should look for another cause: it can be a symptom of dermatitis and other skin diseases.

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