The world’s fattest boy recently recovered from surgery after nearly eating himself to death. He is so fat that he is going through a lot of health problems because of her body and the kind of diet his body needs.

Read the full story of the world’s fattest boy who recovered from surgery.
It’s shocking to hear that an 11-year-old child, Arya Permana, makes a world record of being the Heaviest Child in the world, with weight over 30 stone.

At the age of playing outdoors, he was destined to stay home. He couldn’t even walk for 5 minutes at a time.

He weighed approximately as much as six children of his age.

After seeing his crucial condition, doctors had to convince his parents of a need for five-hour gastric sleeve operation, which was a must, after years of feeding him.

He might have died if he didn’t lose weight.

Arya Permana from Karawang in West Java, Indonesia suffered childhood obesity to such extent that it might have killed him. Arya’s diet included fried chicken, rice, noodles and chocolate ice cream he ate like he was never full, he ate all this not once, not twice, not thrice but, four to six times a day.

His parents ignored his need for diet-food and exercise and felt this as expressing their love for the child. Until the age of five, he weighted like an average normal kid, and in just four years after it, he gained 20 stone weight which became a topic of concern.

Arya’s parent, father Ade, and mother, Rokaya, expressed their feelings when they felt disturbing to see that he was not even able to get up. Arya’s father, Ade said “The saddest thing was watching Arya try to get up. He would get out of breath just walking five meters.

We were very worried.” His mother took the blame for making her child what he was she confessed that she kept feeding him because she loves her child. She also said that she felt happy for her child as because of this her child became famous and was invited to various countries.

The growing concern of parents and especially doctors brought lifeline for the boy. Dr. Grace Judio was the first one who expressed his concern and convinced his parents to make him follow a proper and healthy diet.

But Arya was unable to cope up with it he was just a child, he wished to have snacks. So, doctors had no choice but to perform a surgery. Dr. Handi-Wing took this responsibility and so far it’s been a success.

After the surgery, Arya seems very happy and says that now he will be able to play with his friends in the pool, play football and ride a bicycle. The surgery was helpful for Arya, in a month he was able to lose nearly 5th and expects to lose 15th in a year.

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