What You See In This Picture Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Who needs to take a lengthy personality quiz when you can just look at one photo? 1. Take A Look When you look at the following image, it’s supposed to say a lot about your personality. Ready? 2. The First Thing You See What was the first thing you saw when you looked at this picture? It was probably one of three things. 3. Two Hands If you saw two hands, it may mean you rely mostly on logic and what you can observe in front of you. You’re rational and calm, and help others keep calm too. 4. A Tree If you saw a tree, it may mean that you’re a very detail-oriented person. You’re also very aware of people’s moods, and may find success in the business world. 5. An Explosion If you saw an explosion, you may have a very active imagination. You enjoy being creative and may work in an artistic field. 6. Negative Space The photo can be seen different ways thanks to negative space. That’s when the area around a subject in an image can also form another subject. Like this figure that can be seen as either a vase or as two faces. coque iphone 6 7. Bear Hug Another example of using negative space is this image. coque iphone pas cher The white part of the image shows one bear, but the negative space reveals a second bear. 8. Pulp Fiction This homage to Pulp Fiction was created using negative space. Or as they call it in France, “le negative space.” 9. coque iphone Negative Triangle Negative space can be used in photographs as well. There’s no actual triangle in this photo, but negative space creates the illusion of one. coque iphone 10. Broken Record You can even use some old vinyl to create negative space. As long as you don’t mind destroying your record collection. 11. coque iphone soldes Negative Space Logos Many logos use negative space too. One of the best-known examples is the NBC peacock. 12. coque iphone xr Play For Africa Negative space is used here to create the white part of the soccer ball, and to create Africa itself. It’s so cool, you almost don’t realized the two kids seem to be head-butting each other. 13. Pittsburgh Zoo Clever graphic designers can use negative space to create an endless number of memorable images. coque iphone And sometimes, those images can tell you a little something about yourself.

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