Warning Signs That Show Your Liver Is Full of Toxins

If you didn’t know your liver is one of the largest and most significant organs in your body. Its main purpose is to filter the blood that comes straight from your digestive tract and before it goes to the rest of your body. Every single minute about a third of your entire blood goes through your liver and it never stops working. Because the blood first goes through the liver, there is a great chance that it is full of toxins.

You can improve the state of your liver by changing your diet to a healthier one. Dangerous chemicals can damage your liver in spite of its strength and a capability to dissolve almost anything. If you continue with the use of dangerous chemicals the damage is inevitable and almost irreversible.

Your body will try to inform you when your liver stops doing its job and when it loses its ability to convert toxins into a healthy waste. You need to understand those signs.


Pain in Your Liver

This is obviously the first clear sign that there is something wrong with your liver. It is probably full of toxins and that is why you feel pain in that area. You need to know that liver is located on the upper right portion of your abdomen, just under your stomach and beneath your diaphragm. The pain will be somewhat dull. And more toxins your liver has, the more pain you will feel. If you don’t act at the right time that pain will grow to the point when it is no longer tolerable. That is a cry for help from your liver. You need to understand that.


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Your Ankles and Legs Will Swell

Don’t ignore the signs from your liver. If you do this, it will only get more complicated because if you don’t want to do anything, your liver will. It will try to fix itself and that is how it could create a sort of a scar tissue and that will make it really difficult for the liver to work as it should. This will lead to hypertension, and that – portal hypertension, is actually an increased blood pressure within the portal veins.

This condition will cause some massive swellings in your legs because there will be some fluids piling up down there. It is painless, but it is a sign that your liver may be experiencing some problems.

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Sudden Weight Gain

You will definitely notice this one especially if you care about it. If you are one of those people who lead a healthy life and actually care about their look, weight gain will be a clear sign of trouble. If you notice that you are gaining some serious weight and it is not from extensive eating or a hormonal problem, you will need to see your doctor. This happens when your liver loses your ability to fight toxins and then sends all those toxins directly into your fat cells. The only way you can fix this is to clean your liver from toxins.

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You are Having Allergies

If your liver starts losing its abilities it could cause some sort of allergic reaction. This happens when there are too many different substances entering your bloodstream and your brain gets confused and starts flagging them all (or some) as allergens. Antibodies cause those rashes. If you have a healthy liver, it will clean your body of all the possible allergens.

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Yellow Eyes and Skin

This is a clear sign that your liver is having some serious problems. Those yellow eyes and skin are a sign of jaundice. That is not an illness, but a clear sign and a symptom that your liver is really damaged. That happens when your body starts accumulating high amounts of bilirubin which is actually a yellow pigment created in a liver. When your liver can’t eliminate bilirubin and those red blood cells, it turns to yellow.

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Chronic Fatigue

This fatigue is not a normal fatigue that you feel when you are physically tired. If you constantly feel tired for at least half of a year, you could have this chronic fatigue (duh!). This happens when your liver becomes toxic and stops filtering all the necessary nutrients. That is why you lose energy even though you are eating as usual. If you have a healthy liver, it will release glucose whenever your body needs energy, and a toxic liver can’t produce glucose.

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All these symptoms are a sign that you need to take a better care of your liver. You can start by excluding alcohol from your diet. It will, for sure, damage your liver and cause the creation of scars the cause of the swelling. You should also start working out and eating more vegetables.

You have to help your liver. It is working 24/7 for you and you can at least try to help it out.

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You can also help your liver by being careful when choosing your supplements. Some of the supplements may be marketed as something that can restore your liver. However, this is not supported by any scientific evidence.

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