This is how the children’s actresses of the 90s look

The time passed so fast that some of us did not even see them go by, although we grew up with these tender girls who were once the protagonists of our favorite telenovelas.

Today they not only belong to the new generation of celebrities with greater success, but also they are gorgeous! Definitely the years have been great and the gentlemen are the happiest.

We leave you with 10 children actresses that today are complete Goddesses.

Enjoy it!

10- Belinda

We saw Belinda in many very famous telenovelas, today with 28 years old she is one of the most beautiful women in the middle. If she makes movies they are the most seen, if she makes records they sell like hot cakes, this woman is simply a sculpture. We love you Beli!

9- Danna Paola

Danna Paola captivated us all in “María Belén” Do you remember? She was super friendly and had a smile that made us sigh. Today is the girl that all men want to have and is also one of the most famous singers and actresses.

8- Anah

The former RBD, Anahí has done everything and since she came to the public light being very small. She has been latent on the stage and has always been beautiful, but definitely her best moment is now. She feels better every year!

7- Ludwika Palette

What can we say about this stunning woman? What is beautiful, who has a wonderful body and we definitely love seeing her in the movies and on television.

6- Sherlyn

She was born in Guadalajara and from small to commercial, but no doubt jumped to fame when she made her first lead “Alicia before the end of the world” Since then has not stopped a second and the truth, every day looks more beautiful.

5- Sweet Mary

This shy little girl started her career in “Plaza Sésamo”, and over the years has become an extroverted and very sensual woman. Today is one of the most beautiful personalities of the small screen.

4- Allison Lozz

This little girl made herself known in the children’s talent program “fame code” and immediately captivated the audience and of course, the telenovela producers. He starred in “Misión SOS” and “Al diablo con los guapos”. Nowadays she is far from the media, but that has not stopped her from being a beautiful woman.

3- Daniela Aedo

Dani Aedo is one of the most memorable faces of Mexican soap operas Who could resist the charm of the sweet and naughty “Angel’s Carita”? Today, at 24 years old with her music and small participation in other television spaces she is a woman, and by the way, a very beautiful one.

2- Eiza González

Well, what can we say about this sculptural woman who looks increasingly spectacular? Eiza began her career by giving life to Lola from the telenovela “Lola, Once Upon a Time” and today she is one of the most promising celebrities in Hollywood. It has even been cataloged as the next Salma Hayek of our generation. It’s a chocolate!

1- Araceli Arámbula

Araceli is beautiful wherever she looks, thanks to her great beauty and enormous talent she has managed to conquer the public. It should be noted that without problems could belong to the club of the most beautiful celebrities of our time.

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