Incredible Family Pictures Of Children Looking Exactly Like Their Parents And Grandparents Did When They Were Younger

When we were children, people often asked us whether we look like our mother or our father. Some kids look more like one of their parents, while others combine features of both.

What is amazing, however, is when children look exactly like their parents did when they were younger. The following list includes then and now pictures that compare the similarities between sons or daughters and their parents when in a younger age.

Me with the father, me with the son

The father on the left, the daughter on the right

Two friends above, their sons below

Daughter wears her mother’s dress 25 years later.

1976, 1912

Great-grandmother Michelle and great-granddaughter Lucy, 87 years later

Great-grandfather and great-grandson: 1917/1995

Mother and son

Father and son

Grandfather and grandson when both were 21 years old

“My dad and me in 1991. My cat and me in 2013.”

Grandmother and granddaughter

Father and son in the same age

Mother and daughter

Daughter holding her mother’s picture

“My mother holding her first child 41 years ago. Me holding my first son now.”

Grandfather and grandson

Mother and daughter

Father and son

Mother and son, both 16 years old

Ralph Lincoln, Avraam Lincoln’s descentant




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