They Made A Promise Not To Eat Out And Not To Cheat. Now Look At Them!

They Made A Promise Not To Eat Out And Not To Cheat. Now Look At Them!

A Huge Weight Problem

Trying to lose weight can be an extremely difficult task. One couple proved how determination can really pay off and their results are incredible!

Obesity in the U.S. is out of control. Millions of people struggle with their weight, and many Americans are even in the dangerous number range. If they don’t act now, their weight is literally going to kill them. But most people struggle finding the will to do something about it. One couple, though, said enough was enough. They decided to take control of their weight issues, and the results are unbelievably inspiring.

In Love For The Right Reasons

Two years ago, the Reeds didn’t look like much. They were both overweight and didn’t seem to mind because they were both happy. Danny fell in love with Lexi because of who she was. They were together for ten years when Danny asked Lexi if she would be his wife. She was ecstatic about it! Unfortunately, being 485 pounds and getting married wasn’t the easiest thing to handle, and that was just the beginning of it.

Becoming Aware

They may have been happy, but their weight was always challenging for them. They couldn’t do typical couple things because of it. No romantic strolls along the beach, no bike rides. They even had a difficult time going out for a dinner and a movie. Weight can really hold a person back. Eventually, Danny and Lexi became aware of their condition. Because of their weight, the couple became complacent, and the medical complications were horrifying.

Spiraling Depression

Even though the love they had for one another was amazing, something began to weigh down Lexi. Because she was so big, she was having a really difficult time planning a wedding. She was battling with everyday things. Every time she went to a venue, or a supplier, she felt like she was doing a chore. Most people enjoy planning their wedding, but Lexi felt like a prisoner. Eventually, the wedding dress came and Lexi was sent into a depression.

Finding The Perfect Dress

Lexi was 485 pounds, so she definitely had her work cut out for her. Not only did she need to find a dress that fit her, but she had to find one that she loved. It’s a dream for every bride to have their fairy tale dress. This wasn’t an easy task for Lexi. Her massive size began to make her depressed. Even if it wasn’t a dream come true, Lexi knew the wedding had to go on.

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