These 10 Animal Stories Will Prove ‘Humanity Is Still Alive’

ome people love animals like a family & friend, they share their bed, play and feed them by their hands. And sometimes do something so amazing that can beat your heart too for this lovely creation of God.

While, there are also few who completely neglect them like they don’t exist on land.

But trust us, after watching these stories your heart will surely melt for them, which will restore your faith in humanity and force you to do so from your soul.

So, without wasting more time just go through it.

Unpicked cats find their home in a Mosque and this gracious step was taken by Imam himself.

An alteration of dog into a stone, made it scared of human presence but now wants belly squeeze from the same human.

A new way to show humanity as Dogs are embellished with new haircuts by a man, so that they can be adopted.


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