The young man installs more strings into the guitar, the surprise result triggers other musicians to imitate

The video has got 23 million views, it has gone viral because of not only his good-looking appearance but also his unique guitar and excellent performance.

The unique guitar has bow shape.

The man creates new sounds by using another 6 strings.

The invention of 18-string guitar has led to an extraordinary result with catchy and sweet sounds capturing listeners’ hearts.

It has been more than half of a century since the song “The sound of silence” was released. The song has taken off Folk Simon and Garfunkel, they has become household names in the mind of music lovers in America as well as around the world.

And now, the young man covers the classic song in a new style which has received much admiration from worldwide musicians.

Moreover, the background behinds also helps the piece of song to become more attractive.
Watch the video to enjoy the excellent performance

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