The little monkey cries like a human when he is born and his mother passes away at the same time

Monkey or primate species are generally considered to be extremely intelligent animals and they are “human ancestors.” They are able to mimic and develop behaviors in an organized manner.
Emotional evidence suggests that primates are also capable of expressing certain emotions – sadness and crying are also among them.
The little monkey in this clip is a prime example. His mother passed away when he was born so he cries so hard. Looking at the touching scene, many people can not hold their tears.
The baby monkey was born.

Unfortunately, his mother passed away.

One example is a gorilla named Koko. He cried when he was separated from the kitten that he loved very much. Koko is a special gorilla who can understand 1000 signals and nearly 2,000 English words through a long time of practicing.

Koko chooses a kitten for her birthday and keeps the cat as a pet. A few months later, the kitten escaped from the cage and died of a car crash. People have recorded scenes of Koko crying sad and miss kittens, she even made a sign to say that she is very sad.

The touching scene makes many people can not stop crying.

Poor him!

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