The coach was penetrated by rail barrier after losing the control and the escape was like the action movie

Recently, netizens shared a six-minute clip recording the scene a coach suddenly crashed into the rail barrier and was stuck in place when the train was rushing. The passengers in the coach were rushed to escape. Even, some passengers had to climb through the glass window and the door of the coach to run out.

The passengers went out after the coach was stranded in the rail barrier
It is known that the accident occurred on August 19 at Highway 217 in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. At that point, when the train was about to arrive, the railroad worker closed the barriers and suddenly a coach appeared and crashed into the rail barrier, then the coach’s glass was penetrated by long bars. Soon after, many panicked passengers climbed through the windows and opened the main door of the coach to run out while the coach tried to step back to avoid the train coming.

A passenger was rushed to climb through the window of the coach to escape

After the passengers escaped, luckily the car was able to stepped back before the train arrived without any further damages. After watching the clip, many people are creepy, they think the scenes are only in action movies.
The police are conducting inspections and are verifying the cause of the accident.

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