The boy randomly came to the piano and play, no one would have thought of the result

To captivate listener’s heart, to have a good performance, it is essential that performers have to be good at their job and also, the stage and many other factors contribute to the success.

However, this boy has none of these criteria above but he still manages to win passerby’s heart.

The video was recorded in a piano shop in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This boy just randomly lays fingers on the piano and plays a song.

At first, everyone thought that he just playing around

But when the sounds are rise up, people are surprised by how good he is. Especially in the store, the noise is very loud but the boy is completely unaffected, very dedicated and harmonious with the song.

Even if there are a few “little fans” running around, the boy isn’t distracted and continues with his melodious sound.

He was just normal person until the video was posted; he turned into a “social network phenomenon.” Not only that, when playing live at the supermarket, he also attracted the attention of many passerby.

Even the owner of the store, he shared the video on Facebook with the status: “We share a video about a prodigal boy playing in our Liverpool store, you can help us. I’m looking for him? ”

The video has gone viral on the internet and thousands of applause was sending to him

“I took piano lessons for years; I never played that good, wonder that his teacher is. What an amazing talent. Way to go kid!” Commented Bridget Lazenby

“What he played is music to my ears.” Wrote Lana Smith.

Many other amazing talents were discovered through this street talent show.

What an astonishing talent!!!

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