The 20 most sick and rare tattoos you’ll see in your life

Tattooed people are “today”, apparently having a whole look between “rockerón”, “hipsterón” and “chico malo” attracts both genders, and boy, many look very good.

Most of the time a tattoo represents how much something means to you, and you use it as a way to express “your being” from the inside out through a revolutionary design.

Here we leave you these 20 people who one day made the decision to scratch their skin and who … probably already regretted, otherwise, they SHOULD.

1.- A chessboard on the face so that you do not notice the ugly.

2.- “Loyalty”, so they know quickly that they can count on her and so on.

3.- “Myspace” in the belly because YES.

4.- Michael Jackson never looked so resplendent.

5.- Darth Vader would not be very proud of this.

6.- “The past is the future but with the lights on” POETIC ACTION?

7.- In the cheek of every woman there is a bald man.

8 .- Or a cone of snow with rayitos.

9.- The creativity here did not result in anything good.

10.- “Family” is a deformed heart.

11.- Peter Pan at its best angle.

12.- NO.

13.- A whole work of art.

14.- Right where the hamburger comes from.

15.- I love the poop seriously?

16.- We do not have words to describe this.

17.- One of those new zombies with strange tastes.

18.- The map towards happiness.

19.- When you give a cucumber what people think of you.

20.- Where is Waldo?

Well, whatever these people were feeling at the time of making these decisions, surely they were not very sane, or gave them a half-rare trance from which they managed to escape but … with horror on their faces.

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