The 16 women who definitely did not choose their clothes well before leaving home

Everyone is free to dress as they want but in reality you have to have a bit of shame and not contaminate the visual environment with this type of clothing that you chose are women who have really bled the eyes of those who have stared at them.

Whether it’s going to a park, a trip with friends or a walk with the family, you always have to dress at least decent and these girls that we see in these 17 pictures do not know what that word means.

Apparently do not know anything about fashion, little color combination, and know much that size is that they should use it as we are going to see is a complete madness as they dress and go out without feeling sorry for others.

Please never go out into the street like this, it is better to think twice before making us suffer in that way.

1- This well done that visual effect

2- I do not understand what fashion is that

3- please do not do it again

4- I’m sure that’s not your size

5- You are falling or you no longer fit in that short

6- It’s the pajama or what you’re wearing.

7- Surely he is holding his breath.

8- No one tells you it’s a lot of pollution

9- Is it the front or the back?

10- And believe yourself the best in the neighborhood

11- Before dressing him I already knew what the result was.

12- I think he does it constantly

13- Everything was in a single day

14- This seems too funny

15- Lady but wearing

16- It’s the latest fashion in your neighborhood


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