The 14 Least Intelligent People in the World No Limits!

In the world there are any kind of people, both good and bad, hardworking, lazy, honest, thieves, and a great etcetera, within which are the intelligent … and the people who are not so.

Some will say that it is not polite to call a stupid person, but I think that after you see these images it will be very simple to tell them that, or at least something similar. There are not many other words to describe what you will see next. Be careful, do not imitate them.

There is never a lack of the ‘creative’ who makes strange cuts … but this one beats everyone, and by far!

You will never understand that to get a tattoo on your back you need to go with a trusted friend to verify that everything is fine … otherwise things like this happen.

When you do not have money, you can not afford to be afraid either … or, well, there was the option of not painting those windows. I’m just saying that I prefer that the windows are ugly and not die from a fall of several floors.

On top of stealing petrol from a police patrol, the guy dared to take a picture while doing it. As expected, that was the last photo taken in freedom. Now he is in jail.

It is great to get tattoos with the face of a family member, only to really come out as they should, you have to go with a tattooist who would charge very expensive … if it is cheap you will have a result like this.

This is another terrible example of what I told you in the previous photo. Better tattoo a phrase, I do not know, something easy.

Something worse than tattooing the face of a loved one, is tattooing your own face … I think I will not sleep well today.

This image perfectly exemplifies how dangerous it is for any man to fall in love. It really is a matter of life or death.

If you do not know how to make up at that age, it’s okay, nothing serious happens, just a good advice would be not to make up and take a picture to share it everywhere and then live in articles like this for eternity.

I can not believe it! I do not know how you can dare to practice that sport without a helmet.

Maybe he thinks that lifting weights with his baby hanging is an extra weight that will make him get more muscles, but what he could actually get are some years in jail.

Natural selection sometimes opts for ways a little more in the style of ‘Final Destination’ or ‘1000 Ways to Die’.

She was just trying something that many have done, that is, earning an extra grade to pass an exam, but what she did not notice, was that this pose was not seen by her teacher, but by her classmates … so they did not go to raise the rating … although it would have more ‘friends’.

Asians as always, trying to find ways to get more out of things, but I think that parking one car on top of another is not ‘making better use of space’, but ruining everything.


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