The 12 people who forgot to review the reflection of their photos and ending up losing their dignity

They say that an image says more than a thousand words, and the truth is that in the case of the images that you will see below, that saying is absolutely right.

These are 12 photographs that were ruined by an oversight. These people completely forgot that there are reflections, and ended up losing dignity in the process.

Prepare to die of laughter with these unfortunate photographic errors:

1.- Leave your grandfather alone, you are sure to see Netflix.

2.- When a mirror confesses to all your “face” that the guy you just met has you well caught of the “Culiacán”.

3.- Casual you send a selfie, but the reflection of your lenses reveals your dark intentions.

4.- “My beloved boyfriend takes care of me while I sleep. How lucky I am!”

5.- This girl wanted to sell that dress on the internet and guess what happened? She became famous!

6.- “My love, do not take pictures of me, you know I do not like it”.

7.- When you get up and feel very sensual, but you forget to clean the dog poop.

8.- That’s what you get for trying to be “very cool”.

9.- ¨Here casual about to leave the party¨.

10.- When that small mirror does not love you.

11.- When your dad takes a picture of you at your graduation and ruins your life and reputation.

12.- Yes, love, I’m going home. Look, I’m with my aunt. 


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