Thai Cafe Owner Could Be Jailed For Using Scantily Dressed Model To Sell Coffee


Cafe owner Prason Sukkorn wanted to attract people in Bangkok. So he got model Arisa Suwannawong to dress in high heels and an apron, and serve customers.


The only problem with this scenario is that the South East Asian country isn’t too crash hot on nudity or people being scantily dressed.

Suwannawong, also goes by the nickname ‘Jaenae with the huge boobs’, says that she wasn’t even paid for the appearance and just wanted to get the business up and running.

“I just did it out of the goodness of my heart to help the coffee shop,” she said. “They are a new business and didn’t have customers so I just wanted to help.” People criticise him for breaking the law and now the police are involved.


The businessman said: “There was no intention to be sexual or offensive. I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business. I have apologised for this.”


Jaenae has also issued an apology, saying: “I hope people will forgive me. I didn’t know how angry so many people would be about it.”

Despite this admission, Police commander Thanachai Usakit says even though the pictures are no longer on the website, a crime has been committed, saying: “The owner said that he didn’t know better and admitted it was a way to publicise his coffee shop that just opened last Tuesday.

“He didn’t realize it would break the law, because the model in the photos wasn’t fully naked.”

The cafe owner is now staring down the barrel of the potential to spend three to five years behind bars or a fine of 100,000 Thai baht ($3,160) for obscenity.

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