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Tattoo Artist Makes The Riskiest Wedding Proposal Ever By Inking ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ Checkboxes On His Leg

For those looking for a unique way to pop the big question, we’ve got just the thing, but before you go down this road – make sure you’re absolutely sure about it.

Vinny Capaldo-Smith, a tattoo artist from Colorado picked a spot for the big question where he’d feel comfortable in – a chair of a tattoo parlor. He asked his girlfriend Brooke Wodark to tattoo his leg, but then he rolled up his shorts to reveal his newly inked tattoo saying “Will you marry me?” with two empty boxes next to options “yes” and “no”.

Which one did she tick? Scroll below to find out.
More info: facebook (h/t)

Tattoo artist Vinny Capaldo-Smith came up with the best way to propose to his girlfriend Brooke

He gave her the tattoo machine and asked her to tattoo his leg…
But when he rolled up his shorts, this is what she found! Much to his relief, his girlfriend ticked “yes”

Needless to say, Brooke was excited
Here’s a video of how it went down:

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