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See 8 Surreal Sad Art Photos Created As A Diary

Every artist wants their work to go viral so that all the viewers can come up with their own story. That being said, these eight art photos were created a while ago during difficult times when the artist did not know how to express his/herself.

Two pieces of the art photos posted will be explained to get the idea for the other works. In contrast, you can enjoy the rest and develop your own idea of what they mean.The artist said: The one with the lady ending it all with candy is about my mom. She finished it all, though not with a weapon. I was unable to converse with anybody about it at that point.

I didn’t comprehend my sentiments. My mother was an artist herself; one day, I cried, at last, managing my torment and made the piece underneath.I see a great many people would think this is debilitated. She would have cherished it, illuminating shouting in euphoria!
Another clarification of my work is the one with the face being detached associated with a shoestring. I worked in accommodation at that point. I was keeping eating a can of fish a day.
I recollect a customer having me request two pizzas. He came dependent upon me later, saying how cheerful I generally am and continually friendly.

He additionally said how he just ate three cuts and tossed the rest out. I returned home that evening and made this piece. I trust you appreciate the remainder of my work.







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