Scarlett Johansson Is Breaking The Internet With Her Raunchy Photos (Photos Inside)

“The Avengers” to “Ghost In The Shell” chances are that if you have been watching movies any time in the last 15 years, you have seen her face. First thrust into the public eye after starring in the movie “The Horse Whisperer” at only 13 years old, she is best known for her wildly successful career as an actress and being extremely beautiful. However, there is more to Scarlett than that. She Comes From A Talented Family Scarlett is not the only well known member of her family. Her mother Melanie Sloan, seen in this picture, is a very well known and talented lawyer who is the former Executive Director of the group ‘Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Her grandfather, Leonard S Togman, also worked in Washington at the U.S. Department of Justice. Wasn’t Always The Top Pick Although it is hard to believe now considering how successful she is now, Scarlett hasn’t always been the first pick when casting movies. Remember the movie The Parent Trap? Back in 1998 Johansson lost that role to Lindsay Lohan. Additionally when she was first trying to break into acting she started by auditioning for commercials, and apparently did not have much luck. Good thing she later turned to movies! What If She Hadn’t Made It Big? Luckily for movie watchers everywhere Scarlett has had an amazing film career, but if she hadn’t succeeded in the film industry what would she have done? It turns out that the starlet is extremely passionate about skincare, and from looking at her glowing skin I would say it shows! The actress has said she has a diligent skin routine that includes using apple cider vinegar on her face, and her alternate career of choice would have been a dermatologist. One Bad Habit She Can’t Shake Despite her dedication to maintaining her skin’s health, Scarlett has one skin, and overall health detrimental, habit that she can’t seem to quit. coque iphone Smoking. Many skincare enthusiasts call this one of the worst things you can do for your skin because it reduces skin elasticity causing skin to age prematurely. The actress reportedly picked up the habit when she was just 15 years old. coque iphone xs max European Blend Scarlett’s Father, Karsten Johansson, was actually born in Denmark. This makes Scarlett half Danish and eligible for European citizenship. On the other hand her mother Melanie is of Polish decent, but a few generations further back. This means that in total Scarlett is, as far back as can be traced of solely Northern European descent. She Can Tone Down The Sex Appeal Despite being known internationally for her sex appeal Scarlett has shown many times she can turn down the sexy. One of the most publicised instances you can see this in is her L’Oreal advertisements. soldes coque iphone Because L’Oreal is a brand marketed at the general public, including children, it would not have been appropriate for her to be sexualized in the ads, however she still looks gorgeous. soldes coque iphone But She Can Play It Up Too When she wants Scarlett can also seriously amp it up. coque iphone 2019 Photos like this one show how she won awards like FHM’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2006, or Playboy’s Sexiest Celebrity of the Year back in 2007. There are many photoshoots where Scarlett flaunts it all but one of the most notable of them is when she posd for the infamous Playboy Magazine. One might think that being as beautiful as Scarlett is is all fun and games, but it can come with downsides too. When Scarlett auditioned for the role of Lisbeth Salander in the now critically acclaimed movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” she did not get the role because the casting directors apparently thought she was too beautiful to convincingly play the role. Billboard Danger Another, slightly more humorous, example of a downside of Scarlett’s good looks is when she almost got into an accident… looking at a billboard of herself while driving! The actress was driving when she saw a billboard featuring a photo of herself for her upcoming movie “The Beach” and was so distracted checking herself out she nearly hit another car. ometimes Enjoys Stepping Out Of The Limelight Frequently seen hitting the red carpet some would be surprised to know that sometimes Scarlett likes to step back. For her 20th birthday the actress went to Disneyland where, like many of her excited fans have asked her for an autograph, she went all fan girl on Mickey Mouse and got a photograph of him signed by one of the Mickey Mouse actors in the theme park. Nicknamed ScarJo Always a fan favorite, Scarlett got a nickname early on in her career; ScarJo. A simple combination of the beginnings of her first and last names this shortened version of her name is how she is most often referred too. Apparently Scarlett is not a big fan of this nickname, but also accepts its use because she understands her full name can be a bit long. More Than Just A Film Actress Best known for her roles in numerous hit movies, fans don’t always know that she has a couple other successful creative endeavors. She has starred in live theater including the off – Broadway play “Sophistry” and “A View from the Bridge” the latter of which she won the Tony Award of Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play for her appearance in. Lovers As Famous As She Is Understandably for such a beautiful, famous, and talented woman Scarlett has been linked to many men over the years. Some of the most notable of which are Josh Hartnett, Jared Leto, and Ryan Reynolds who she ended up marrying for two years until they divorced. Now Scarlett is married to Romain Dauriac, the owner of a creative advertising agency. ScarJo Loves Her Fans Even though she doesn’t love the name ScarJo, she loves the fans that gave it to her. She is one of the celebrities with a great public image and this is due in large part to her positive attitude and interactions with her fans. Oftentimes when she goes out she will sign prints of her photos for her fans, like she can be seen doing in this picture. Fame Has It’s Downsides The one downside of the overwhelmingly positive public adoration Scarlett receives is a lack of privacy. In September of 2011 one particularly invasive action was when an overzealous hacker broke got into her phone and posted nudes from it on the internet. Scarlett was having none of it and went after the hacker who was caught and forced to pay $66,000 in damages.

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