These Satirical Illustrations Show How Humans Would Feel If They Were Animals


Have you ever tried looking at the world with a different perspective? Various illustration artists have worked together, and this time, they imagine a world where animals lead humans. Humans are treated the way they treat animals. Thought-provoking, isn’t it? Well, that’s the underlying theme of the illustrations which you’re going to see below. They’ll give you a new perspective on the world you live in.

These gruesome designs are probably something which you’d relate and at the same time feel shocked about how cruel we are.

Have a look!




Poaching of Rhinos, especially their horns is one of the highly valued components in Chinese tradition. They’re used for medicinal purpose in China, Vietnam, and East Asia.




The conclusion of Spanish Bullfight (in the name of tradition) is always the same; the matador hits the bull in a way that it punctures its heart and leaves the helpless animal dead.


Dogs and winter.


It happens a lot of times that we leave our pets outside our home in minus 50C and say, it’s not cold, it’s cool. Many innocent pets and stray dogs lose their life to cold.


Animal skin.


Even after being aware of the fact that many animal species are close to their extinction, we humans are still extensively using their skin in fabric manufacturing.



As per the PETA reports, more than 31 million ducks are killed for meat.



According to a survey in 2010, the number of Lobsters in New England south of Cape Cod was 10 million. Lobsters are one of the favorite dishes of seafood lovers.


Caged birds.

There’s not even an exact amount of data available for the number of birds that die in a cage all their life.


Cookery shows.

It’s not that we only eat meat, it turns out that we even promote the same on television. For instance, cookery shows.


Pigs farm


According to PETA, on any given day there are 68 million pigs on the farms. Not only this, more than 115 million pigs are killed each year.


Hunters and savers.

As per the survey done in 2012, hunters and sharpshooters have paid more than $7.2 billion in excise taxes through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. Whereas, sportsmen and women contribute almost $8 million in a day to support wildlife and agencies.



Do you know rabbit feet are sold in the name of bringing the good luck for you?


Karma is a bitch.

Imagine a world, where ducks will take the revenge.


And what about this?


How would you feel if pigs started to take the flesh out of your mother and father’s body?




Hundreds of lions are killed each year for various reasons. Some of them are killed for the sake of winning the hunting trophies.



Horses or luggage-pulling creatures.

We live in the world where we’ve discovered all the possible ways of transporting ourselves from one place to the other, but still, animals are tortured for the same old reason.


Imagine this?


If we do not stop ourselves now, the day is not far when animals will be smarter and compete with us.


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