December 5, 2019

Remember Matilda? See What Its Cast Looks Like Now

In the 1996 big screen adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, Mara Wilson starred as the film’s titular hero. The children’s comedy taught us a lot about how to fight against cruel and unkind parents, teachers, and bullies, and seek sweet revenge. In honor of the beloved film that brought us chocolate cake hazing sessions, cruel and unusual punishment (Agatha Trunchbull’s chokey), and telekinetic awesomeness, we’re checking in with the cast and seeing what they’ve been up to all of these years. Mara Wilson (Matilda Wormwood) Wilson was the go-to child actress of the ’90s. She starred in Miracle on 34th Street, A Simple Wish, and Mrs. Doubtfire. She took a break from acting in the early 2000s, and returned with a few small films. Recently, she’s made it very clear that a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel should never, ever happen.

Danny DeVito (Harry Wormwood) We loved DeVito as the sketchy, faulty used car salesman Harry, but we love the actor more as the unstable Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Get it, Danny:

Rhea Perlman (Zinnia Wormwood) Though her claim to fame is as Carla Tortelli from Cheers, the actress had a memorable role as Matilda’s indifferent mom, Zinnia. Perlman recently played Danny’s mom Annette in The Mindy Project and starred in the 2015 dramedy I’ll See You in My Dreams alongside Blythe Danner and June Squibb.

Embeth Davidtz (Miss Honey) We’d still gladly be adopted by the wonderful and charismatic Miss Honey after all these years. Davidtz went on to appear in films like Bicentennial Man, Thirteen Ghosts, and, more recently, The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel (she played Mary Parker). You may also remember her as the stylish Rebeca Pryce on Mad Men: Pam Ferris (Agatha Trunchbull) The actress made a name for herself by starring in British costume dramas and playsHowever, her portrayal of the sweaty, crazed principal Agatha Trunchbull will go down as one of her best roles. Since 2012, she’s been starring in the BBC period drama Call the Midwife.

Safe to say she’s come a long way since this: But she’ll probably always have an affinity for plaing rotten characters. Remember her as Aunt Marge in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Kiami Davael (Lavender) Since appearing as Matilda’s adorable, bespectacled best friend, Davael has guest starred on Moesha and The Steve Harvey Show, and had a role in the 2000 film Bruno alongside Alex D. Linz (Home Alone sequel kid!). According to her IMDB, she hasn’t appeared in anything since. Jimmy Karz (Bruce Bogtrotter)

After eating all the chocolate cake as Bruce, the actor went on to play the butt-grabbing kid at the Bar Mitzvah in The Wedding Singer. However, he hasn’t acted since his guest role on ER in 1998. Instead of sticking around in Hollywood, he completed his undergrad at St.

John’s University in New York and worked as a research assistant and tutor before heading to med school.But we’ll always remember him for his great moment of triumph: Jacqueline Steiger (Amanda Thripp) The actress went on to appear as the lead in Dennis the Menace Strikes Again, and followed it up with a string of roles in smaller films. She ditched Hollywood to finish school (she graduated from UCLA), and is now enjoying time as a self-proclaimed nerd. Sara Magdalin (4-Year-Old MatildaAccording to IMDB, the actress’ role as the young Matilda was her last. Sadly, we’ll never know if her on-screen pancake obsession stuck.

She did manage to attend the Matilda cast reunion in 2013. That’s Magdalin in the white skirt.

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