Have you seen anyone saying that there is no true love like your first love? Sure, you have and still, there are people who think this way. But let me tell you a fun fact, the study shows that second love is way better than your first one. Your second love may not be as fresh and new as your first one, but it’s more mature. You talk about real stuff and bonding always keeps growing.

Here are the 8 reasons why second love is way better than your first one.
1. No chance of heartbreak

You must have gone through a breakup and this time you will be actually strong.

2. Long lasting

You know how to make it last and do things that only couples in a long-term relationship do.

3. A new belief

It makes you believe that everything happens for a reason and you start accepting the fact that people do change and this is how we all are.

4. It makes more sense

There is no childishness in this one but a strong commitment and genuine willingness to do everything for your partner.

5. It is different

You just know that it is different because you start developing the feelings again, things you thought would never make you feel the same way again.

6. Intensity

After a bad relationship, now this time your bonding with the new partner will be more. You start liking each other in a positive way.

7. You won’t fall in any traps

You learn from your first relationship and this time you would be more careful and thoughtful before getting into a new relationship.

8. Security

It’s more secure as you know that you are not fooling around.



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