Raising lion as a pet, this family had to pay high cost when it attacked people

Lion is ranked first on the list of best predators in the wild. Its speed of attacking preys is extremely high. And, if almost in sight, the rate of preys’s death is relatively low.
We all know that lion is not as adorable as dogs or cats, so that we could bring them up at home. Even though it has been domesticated for years, there is still the existence of instincts in this wild animal. So, it means that they may become uncontrollable sometimes.

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These animals are belonged to the wild, then let them be !
Raising a lion in the house as a pet is an tremendously dangerous ‘hobby’. But some still have passion for living under the same roof with this animal. Just like the couple in this video.

This lion, though accustomed to living with the couple, when a stranger appears, it immediately gets mad and wants to ‘play’ with him.
The lion madly attacked the guest
Fortunately, the host turn up on time, otherwise, we’re not sure what will happen to this man’s life.

Another case of a rich family, they bought a baby lion as a birthday present for his son and they’ve been bringing it up until now. Without intention to release it to the wildlife, this family’s story received a lot of compliments:
“Everything about this is wrong the lion should have been in the wild where it belongs not cooped up in a house like a cat or dog.”
“Totally animal abuse. They should have big fines for anyone doing this. Wild animals must live in the wild.”
“A lion is a hunter not a pet!! Eventually a lion will do what its born to do and that’s hunt!! Its n its blood!!”

Hopefully, this article will be a bright warning for anyone who intend to have a wild animal as a pet. It’s not cool as well as shows off your well-being ! It’s against conservation laws and nature !
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