Put raw crab in watermelon and grilled, young man made millions of people mouth watering when he shows the result

Before that people think that this guy just naughty a little, but until the results are all to think again.

Watermelon and crab, two things seemingly never involved in the cuisine. But this guy has a strange creativity when cooking these two things together. Everyone is curious what the outcome will be.

Watermelon after intestinal perforation is inserted a big crab and seasoning.

Cover up and then to the grill.

A moment later, looking at the results that everyone feel mouth watering.

Before this, this guy also has a strange cooking creation when put chicken egg into tomatoes, then put in the apple to bake. And the results also surprised everyone.

Be creative and weird? Have you ever tried to create a new food that no one has ever done like this guy?

The thought of such new dishes has made our food world more enriched, able to take advantage of all the ingredients around us to create new foods.

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