No One Cares About Wolf Dying In Ditch, Until One Animal Lover Stops.

Back in 2013, Ronni, who was the manager at the time, spoke to The Times of Israel’s website.
“If it’s wild we accept it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a snake or a weasel, a deer or a hyena.” They went on to further explain, “Our main aim is to return wild animals to nature, to preserve species, especially

Given that this was still the hospital’s main objective, it was clear that the wolf was in good hands.
The hospital staff named the wolf Oliel and started working on a way to fix him. According to an x-ray, the animal had a broken leg, which meant that he would need surgery in order to ease his pain and fix the limb.

The hospital veterinarians sedated the wolf and started working on his leg right immediately.
While the wolf was off in dreamland, the vets fixed his injury, but even after the operation was complete, they knew that the creature would still have a rough time with his recovery. Despite this, the surgery was successful.

If Oliel was ever going to have a chance to return to the wild, his leg needed time to heal itself.
Unfortunately, this meant that the wolf had to remain in a cage for his own good, as well as for the safety of the hospital staff. During his stay, the vets continued to monitor his progress to make sure.

Before the vets could even consider returning the animal to the wild, certain tests had to be conducted.
Oliel would need to prove to them that he was capable of resuming his old life. This meant that he would need to hunt in order to eat. But he would also need to be able to dash off at the first sight of trouble if he was to survive.

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