No One Cares About Wolf Dying In Ditch, Until One Animal Lover Stops.

In 2017, there were some incidents near Masada and Ein Gedi, two popular Israeli tourist spots.
It seems that these creatures tried biting visitors in the area, which infuriated locals and tourists alike. For the sake of public safety, nature reserve managers created traps that would deter the animals from getting too close, but some locals wished that these creatures didn’t exist at all.

Given the wolf’s dwindling popularity and population, it’s no wonder people dislike these animals.
In 2016, someone was driving in rural Israel, and they ran into one of these wolves with their car. But instead of stopping, the driver kept on going and left the animal on the side of the road to fend for itself.

The wolf was injured and obviously scared as he limped on the side of the road because it was in pain.
Anyone who spotted him for a moment could tell that the wolf would not live long in this world unless he received help. But despite this obvious fact, no one seemed willing to stop to see if they could help.

Fortunately, someone had a heart and decided to see what they could do for the injured animal.
Despite all the negative things they heard about the creature, they pulled over and tried to assess the injuries. But given the wolf’s condition, the driver wasn’t sure if there was much that could be done to save the animal.

The driver knew that the wolf’s odds weren’t good, but they decided that they should try anyway.
They took the wolf to the Israeli Wildlife Hospital, which is located 25 minutes outside of Tel Aviv in the city of Ramat Gan. The hospital has a reputation for treating any animal that walks through their door, regardless of the species.

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