Nine Beautiful Countries In The World Where Women Are In High Demand


Ladies, seeking to emigrate? Did you know that there are entire countries around the world where women are in high demand? Demography is weird like that – in some countries it’s women who outnumber men, but in others, there are more men than women.

And if you’re a lady, you might want to consider moving there, because these are some seriously nice countries. Thanks to Providr, now you can take a look through this women-seeking-country catalog and choose which one you like best!

1. Norway

Data says that there are around 12,000 more men than women in Norway, which means that there are a dozen thousand men who will end up without a partner. But Norway is attractive for other things too, like being the third best country in the world for gender equality. Plus, you get to marry a Viking.


Source: Instagram @lasselom

2. Iceland

For some reason, a lot of these Scandinavian places have ended up having more men than women. Iceland is a fairly small, but a world-famous nation. Plus, their men aren’t that bad, see.


Source: Instagram @midgardadventure

3. Canada

For a while, Canada was one of those countries where the men were the majority. But as of 2016, there are 250,000 more men than women, which means that – now is your chance ladies! Plus, Canada is the nicest, most peaceful country in the world. And the country with the most handsome Prime minister too!


Source: Instagram @taylorkitsch_official

4. Cyprus

Another small island nation that faces a weird shortage of women. I mean, does this have something to do with tourism, where foreign men come and marry all the women and they move? Could be. But Cyprus has a ratio of 104 men to 100 women, which means it’s the lady tourists turn to grab some of those Cypriot men!


5. China

According to, China has a whopping 33 million more men than women today. The cause might be in part due to alleged selective abortions, where parents would prefer a male child so they would abort the female ones. Regardless, they have an entire country’s worth of single men now, and some of them are pretty hot!


Source: Instagram @godfreygao

6. Italy

Well, turns out that one of the most gorgeous countries in the world, and one of the culturally richest ones is also short on women! What are you waiting for, ladies?


Source: Instagram @guilioberruti

7. Sweden

Another Scandinavian country that has more men than women. In fact, it rose from just 277 extra men in 2015 to more than 12,000 in 2017. Need I remind you that most of these men resemble blond, blue-eyed, tall Vikings?


Source: Instagram @billiskarsgard_

8. India

Definitely the case due to selective abortions here. The excess of Indian men is similar to China, well in the millions. And while it may not be the ideal country to find love in, never say never… There are always exceptions. Like this guy.


Source: Instagram @built_not_born

9. England

According to the latest data from the census, there are more men than women in England too. In case you’re a fan of men with accents, make England your next travel destination. Who knows, you might encounter some high-mannered romance too.

Source: Instagram @benbarnes
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