This Is How Much Money Kim Kardashian Makes With One Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian the bootylicious diva of Holywood is the undisputed queen of Instagram. She has almost 104 Million followers and is the seventh most popular account on Instagram. She has a fan base of the population twice of U.K. on her fingertips.


So How Much Money You Think Kim Kardashian Makes For Each Instagram Post?

She is well connected with her fans and they adore her too. You won’t believe but her Instagram account is worth $175 million. That is almost unbelievable and people even struggle to accept it. Things weren’t the same before the launch of Keeping Up with Kardashians in 2007. Ever since the show has been aired, she has transformed herself into a brand.



Before anyone could understand the potential hiding in social media, the Kardashian sisters ruled supreme. From Kim Kardashian’s Beauty, book deals, fragrance collections, clothing lines to Kylie Cosmetics, they fed the fans through their Instagram posts.

Inkifi (website) specifically calculates the worth of an Instagram post based on its analytics said that Kim Kardashian can make a whopping $640,744 per targeted post. These numbers are about the sales generated after she publishes a post regarding her own product range.


Inkifi also said, she has huge potential to make money from sponsored content, where she will be promoting other companies product to her audience. It is also estimated that on the basis of the number of followers she has, her Instagram account is worth $58.24 Million (every follower on Instagram is worth $0.56).



So while you mock her on social media she makes money more than your whole family and that too with a single post. Her sisters too are making a lot of money over Instagram. 20-year-old Kylie with 99 million followers makes a lot more than you think and her account is worth $50 million. Meanwhile, Kendall also has $84 million followers to boost her income from the social media platform.



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