Mother takes the rod and beats daughter like an enemy, just because the girl gets bad grades

For each parent, raising a baby to grow up is never easy, especially when they are in teenage, we must care not only physical life but also their spirits. Teenage is the most sensitive stage of every children, they can exchange their awareness and attitude to positive or negative, they are depend on the teaching method of parents.

However, the important question, which is always controversial topic in community, VIOLENCE is the best way to educate a child, isn’t it?

Recently, the video recording a cruel mother beating daughter brutally has gone viral on social media.

According to the victim, she was hit because of getting many bad grades on this semester.

When teacher informed about her grade, her mother was so upset and disappointed with her.

She decided to teach her an unforgettable lesson by taking a long rod and beat her like enemy. She dragged the daughter from her bed.

Then hit to her body, even used feet to kick the daughter.

Too painful, the daughter just sat down on the floor and cried a lot. Meanwhile, her mom scolded her constantly:”How much money I spent for your study? Now you learnt so terrible like that!”
Many netizens expresses their dissatisfaction with her rude education. Some feel that girl is so pitiful when having a mother like her.
How’s about you, what do you think about her actions? Do not hesitate to show your oppinions right now!

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