Man in South Korea lends S$351 to Dubai tourist who lost his wallet, gets almost S$1 million in return

A man in South Korea lent a Dubai tourist 300,000 won (S$351), but received a reward for his generosity that totalled a few thousand times the amount he gave.

Dubai tourist lost his wallet and phone
According to ET Today, the incident happened in South Korea back in August 2017, when the man posted a screenshot of his bank account transaction.
He wrote about his surreal encounter on gaming forum Inven, and also took to social media to talk about it.

He said the man from Dubai had approached him, and asked to borrow some money as he had lost both his wallet and phone.
Not thinking much of it, the South Korean man then lent the Dubai man 300,000 won (S$351), who also asked for the good samaritan’s contact details.

Good deed led to a windfall
A week later, the South Korean was surprised that the man from Dubai contacted him again.
The latter asked for his bank account information, promising to return the money to him.
Thereafter, the man found about 889,546,900 won (approximately S$1 million) deposited in his account.
Many envious of the man’s miraculous encounter

According to EBC News, most commenters who read the post expressed their envy at the man for gaining the sudden windfall.
While some of them joked about wanting to meet and help out a Dubai tourist as well, others warned that not everyone is as lucky as the kind-hearted man, and that people should still be cautious of scams.
Still, you never know what generosity might get you in return.


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