Log9 Partners with SpareIt to Launch Battery Replacement and Retrofit Service

Bengaluru-based electric vehicle (EV) battery technology start-up, Log9 Materials, has announced the launch of a battery replacement and retrofit model in partnership with SpareIt, the largest network platform of garages in India. As part of the collaboration, SpareIt will offer its extensive pan-India network of garages for vehicle integration with Log9’s InstaCharging batteries. The battery replacement and upgrade service will be rolled out in various cities where SpareIt support is available and will be made available to individual owners and fleet aggregation companies.

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Any electric two-wheeler or electric three-wheeler owner who has an electric vehicle with battery-related issues can contact the SpareIt or Log9 teams and easily access the next generation Log9 battery replaced in their vehicles. Log9 and SpareIt simultaneously expect greater volumes from fleet aggregator companies to come forward for modernization, and will together continue to support electrification through fleet modernization through their newly formed partnership.

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Speaking on the latest partnership, Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder and COO of Log9 Materials, said, “We at Log9 are looking forward to our partnership with SpareIt. India’s electric vehicle revolution is turning into a big move, and SpareIt has come out with a unique value proposition to support electric vehicles that might need retrofit and maintenance solutions to keep running on the road support system network.”

Roney Philip, Head – Strategic Partnerships, SpareIt, adds: “We are proud and excited to partner with Log9 Materials. To ensure faster adoption in the electric vehicle industry, it is important that the ecosystem works in collaboration. Log9 customers can benefit significantly from this partnership, and it’s a testament to how working together and leveraging each other’s strengths can be beneficial.”

Log9 Materials has introduced RapidX batteries based on its InstaCharge technology, specifically designed to improve last-mile business-to-business (B2B) logistics. Log9’s batteries are fully charged in 15 minutes for electric two-wheelers and 35 minutes for electric three-wheelers. Log9 is also expanding its InstaCharge network to increase the availability of much-needed fast charging infrastructure across India.


According to the company, Log9’s InstaCharge batteries are built with advanced materials that are more expensive than cheaper and less expensive EV batteries in terms of upfront cost. However, since Log9 batteries last 9 times longer than a conventional EV battery, the total cost of ownership (TCO) over a longer use case offsets the higher cost of the battery and makes it a viable battery to invest in even in terms of retrofitting apps, the company added.

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