List of situations that can easily cause your child to have cars rolled over, mothers have to be careful!

Every day in the world there are many traffic accidents happen that robbed so many human lives. There were many people who had to go away at a very young age, leaving a lot of regret for not only family and friends but also the whole society. Recently in China, public opinion is still shocked before the death of girls rolled cars, a few days after a similar incident occurred and the victim is a 5-year-old boy. The video records a series of accidents for children who have been crushed by cars. Among them, there are many causes is the indifference of adults. Parents must pay close attention to their own children, do not let a moment of neglect and regret for the rest of their lives.

Let the child play alone in the middle of the road, this mother lost her son forever.

There are also many accidents that occur due to the driver ‘s subjectivity .

Some people are so heartless that they run away after causing an accident

Children are too young to be aware of danger around them. So adults please pay attention to them!

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