Leonardo DiCaprio Teamed Up With Will Smith To Save The Amazon Rainforest

Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith are currently on a mission to save the Amazon rainforest with sneakers.
Smith’s sustainable, eco-friendly water company JUST Water teamed up with Allbirds, an environmentally-friendly footwear company.

JUST Water and Allbirds designed and released two limited-edition sneakers, Tree Runners and Tree Toppers. All proceeds from these shoes will be donated to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Amazon Forest Fund — as the actor is also an Allbirds investor.

DiCaprio’s environmental nonprofit Earth Alliance has recently set up the emergency Amazon Forest Fund responding to the news of devasting fires raging all over the rainforest.
Also referred to as the lungs of the earth, the Amazon supplies six percent of the planet’s oxygen. It’s home to over one million Indigenous people and half the world’s estimated ten million species of animals, plants, and insects.

Reportedly, many of the Amazon fires were intentionally started by cattle farmers in order to create more land for beef production.
Leonardo DiCaprio asked his followers to think about reducing their meat consumption in his recent Instagram post. He shared his post from the nonprofit Rainforest Alliance.

The post urged people to donate to frontline response groups, spread the word, and reduce or even eliminate beef consumption.

The JUST Tree Runners and Tree Toppers are available from Allbirds. The sneakers cost £95 and £115 respectively.

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