Kids aren’t scared of anything except for dogs

Recently, people on the social networks have had opportunities to laugh out loud when watching a video about a girl who was scared of two puppies.

2 puppies just wanted to play with the girl

In the video, although these two dogs were still small and seemed to be playing with her but the girl wearing pink shirt was so scared that she “stuck” to the wall and still didn’t leave the wall. The girl as well as other kids must have thought that puppies are seen as dogs so that they can not stop fear.

“So funny! you are so cute, girl” a netizen favorably commented

After having shared on the Internet, the video made many netizens funny. One favorably commented: “So funny! you are so cute, girl”

Not long ago, Internet people had a “fever” because the photos of two cute babies taking each other in the flower garden to take photos. Suddenly there was the appearance of a large dog. The natural expressions on the face of these two little girls recorded by the photographer have made netizens “have fever”. Facebook account N.N commented: “Oh my god, look at their lovely face, just want to bite them”.

They are so scared of dog

“Oh my god, look at their lovely face, just want to bite them”

Children are always mischievous and lovely. Maybe almost everyone has a unforgettable childhood when we are so scared of dogs like the girls in this writing. Hope that these memories of childhood will be part of the greatest moments in the life.

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