Japan’s Princess Mako Will Be Giving Up Her Royal Status To Marry The Man She Loves

During Medieval times it is quite common to see kings dine with kings and princes marrying princesses. Maybe slay a couple of dragons or two along the way and encounter several chests of gold, emeralds, and rubies before saving the oft-desired princess. Even dukes and lesser lords were inclined to keep their wealth and land with other ranking officials. But in the modern day and age where kings and queens are slowly diminishing and princesses are rare, the royal ones still need to get married.

And that is the case of a princess in Japan who chose to give up her royal status in order to marry a ‘commoner.’

Read on to find out more on the story of Princess Mako.

25-year-old Princess Mako who is the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino is set to marry Kei Komuro.


Kei is a graduate student who works at a law firm and Mako is well…a princess!

The two met while attending a study-abroad event about five years ago. It was at a restaurant in Shibuya that the two students hit it off.

Due to their impending marriage, Mako will have to forego her royal status as she will be considered a ‘commoner’ after marriage.

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