Japanese-American artist, JUURI, creates beautifully tragic pieces

JUURI is a Japanese-American artist who is renowned for creating vibrant paintings of refined faces with wild details.

She is a self-represented artist, and oversees the sales of her original pieces to collectors around the world via her Etsy account and her Facebook page.

The Tokyo-born artist resides and works from Oklahoma, but never fails to acknowledge her Japanese roots. In fact, JUURI states in her artist statement that her art is an attempt to visually capture her nostalgic moods from her childhood in Japan.

JUURI’s profoundly cultural artwork typically contains lovely faces cloaked in symbolism and mystery. She hopes her images are both “luscious and haunting” to give her viewers a deeper look into both “beauty and courage”.

Well, there definitely is something about JUURI’s artwork that draws you in and makes you wonder.






Artistic goal achieved!

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