Instagram model Jen Selter is kicked off an American Airlines For Weird Reason

Fitness enthusiast and Instagram model Jen Selter was kicked off an American Airlines flight when she and her sister got into a verbal altercation with the flight crew.

The 24-year-old and her sibling were waiting on a flight from Miami to La Guardia in New York but it was delayed for 90 minutes because of a mechanical issue.

While another passenger went to the bathroom, Selter decided to stand and reach for something in the overhead compartment.

But when a flight attendant asked her to sit down, arguing ensued.

And when the flight attendant asked Selter if she wanted to get off the plane, the woman replied ‘Yes.’

Setler later asserted that she was being sarcastic when she confirmed that she wanted to be taken off the flight.

And when the flight attendant asked the pilot to come over, more arguing ensued.

Police came onto the plane and removed Setler, her sister and an additional passenger.

But the social media personality took a later American Airlines flight on Sunday morning to New York.

Another clip shows the woman and her sister exiting the plane.

Selter is known for her curves which she flaunts on social media to her 11.7million Instagram followers.



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