How to dislodge fish bone stuck in your kid’s throat: Must-have knowledge for all parents

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a delicious dinner, only to discover halfway through that you have a fish bone stuck in your throat.
Is it dangerous?

The discomfort would usually be short-lived, and goes away after a while. The good news is, fish bones rarely is a problems once it comes into contact with digestive juices and acid. But, if you ever get a bone stuck in your throat, it’s best to seek medical help immediately.

Do not eat other food to try to “force” the bone down the throat, warn doctors. Contrary to popular belief, drinking vinegar does not help to dissolve fish bones either. The fish bone may also get embedded deeper – such that the end of the bone may no longer be seen sticking out of the mucus lining. The food may also get stuck above the bone and hinder its removal.All these can put you or your children at serious risk if the bones aren’t solved properly.

So, how should the bones be dislodged?
First, stop eating immediately. You should take a glass of water and seek medical attention immediately.
Second, while waiting for the doctor, stop any swallowing action. When you swallow a bone, you will get pain and the only ways the bone can be removed from the throat is by hitting you at the back or carry out an abdominal thrust.

llustration showing a woman choking, a man grabbing her around her stomach from behind, performing a abdominal thrust.
In most cases, experts say bones swallowed usually clear the throat by themselves as long as the victim drink plenty of water.
Home solutions that I can apply?
*Vitamin C.

When the small fishbone is stuck in the throat, you can keep a pill of vitamin C in your mouth for several minutes. Then swallow it little by little. The small fishbone may disappear after that. The reason why the vitamin C can help solve the stuck fishbone is that the vitamin C can soften the small fishbone and finally eliminate the fishbone that has been stuck in the throat.
*Orange’s peel:

If the orange is available at your home, you can strip the orange. Get some orange peel, then cut the orange peel into small pieces. Finally swallow it slowly.
*Garlic and sugar:

garlic and sugar can also help you out of the stuck fishbone problem. You may peel the garlic first. And then cut the garlic into 2 parts and put them in your nose. Then, swallow a spoon of sugar without drinking any water. Then, you can find you are much more comfortable. If the fishbone is still stuck in the throat, just try one more spoon of sugar.

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