Do you too find bad boys irresistible? There is no need to get embarrassed if you do. According to a survey, nearly 90 percent of the women’s are attracted to bad boys than good boys. And when we talk about bad boys Hollywood is something which cannot be overlooked. Hollywood is filled with numerous actors who are too sexy and irresistible to be ignored. Obliviously a woman who dreams of finding their Mr. Perfect but eventually ends up dating bad boys.

Down here we have collected 11 reasons why a woman falls for bad boys over good boys. Scroll down and get to know it yourself!
1. There are so unpredictable

Would someone like to date a boy who is predictable which means no excitement and challenge? Obliviously the answer is no. That’s where bad boys become irresistible because they are unpredictable. You never know what’s next.

2. Falling for a bad boy is in our genes

It is said that people are more likely to get attracted to negative features. Women generally find boys with such features romantic. So if you are among one of the bad boys you are no doubt lucky.

3. Good boys lack self-respect

Good boys don’t put their demand or boundaries in front of a woman. They let themselves be controlled by a woman who is why they don’t respect them and no respect means no attention.

4. Bad boys are damn sexy

Obviously, a woman can never resist a sexy man. But generally noticed nice guys are not so sexy which a high de-motivating factors among women.

5. Their Confidence is a boosting factor

According to a recent research people who are much more confident about their outlook and physical appearance look more attractive. And bad boys are super confident about themselves.

6. Nice guys are not physically so strong

Bad guys give the feeling of being protected by women. Women feel safe around men who are physically strong unlike nice guys are generally cute.

7.S3x is not so interesting

Women feel that bad boys can be too good in bed unlike good boys are kind of shy and reserved.

8. Women Loved to feel needed

Women believe that they can create their Mr. Perfect so they will get involved in that and can forget the problems that exist in their lives.

9. You think you can change him

Women fall for bad boys because they think they can change their rebellious and violent nature.

10. Women generally hate commitments

Men who hate commitment are the ones women fall for because they are themselves afraid of commitment too. And with a bad boy, the things are already settled as the short-lived relationship.


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