Heartwarming moment: The boy embraces the little dog in the rain: “It’s okay, I’m here for you”

Modern life seems to be in chaos and fast-paced. From dawn to dusk, people keep running with their work, study, relationships but forget about life where there are many things worth to cherish.

The boy hugged the dog in the pouring rain

And sometimes, the pace of life that makes us ignore many beautiful moments though that are simple but heartwarming which give you more faith in life. The moment that netizens are sharing so much recently is one of them. The photos of a boy hugging his little dog were taken at a corner of a street on a rainy day.

They were there for a long time despite the heavy rain

No one knows why the little dog was there, also no one knows why the black boy was sitting there holding his dog, and no one has any information about them but the images still touched their souls.

“I’m always here for you my friend..”

“The boy probably is sad about something, but he’s okay as he had his friend besides” C.H.T commented.

“Seeing how bad it was, let go of the fact that the adults could take them into the shelter, this is still a beautiful and heartwarming moment, the friendship of young children is just simple like that …” TT commented.

“Looking at these pictures makes me miss my dog so badly. My childhood attached to it. Every time my parents scolded me, it kind of wrapped my legs like that kind of comfort.” The PB looks at the picture and remembers the dog he used to feed.

And after all, people just hope that life will have so many simple and cute friendships like this: “It is true that the children are still happy, carefree and clear.” P.D.H commented.

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