German Artist Jorg Hid 9 Giant Dead Wood Waves In Hamburg Woods

One of the German photographers’ names Jorg Glascher’s affected by the Coronavirus pandemic due to he couldn’t do much with the lockdown. However, Jorg Glascher never gave up and felt weird, and he decided to take matters into his own hands and got creative.

Jorg has been creating a visual diary he calls the C19,1-20 since the beginning of the pandemic. The Diary complex contains like 20 different pieces of Jorg’s work ranging from photography to sculpture, while one of its latest entries has been making rounds all over the internet.

But the entry in question is titled, The second wave, and features some series of giant dead wood waves flowing in the woods near Hamburg.

He explained that as the second wave of Coronavirus hit Germany, the broad range of governmental restrictions brought the country to a standstill. Now, Jorg wanted to reveal what a powerful and all-destroying force nature is.
So, he went to the forest between November of 2020 and March of 2021 and built nine different waves using nothing but deadwood.

The larger one, No. 8, is nearly 4 meters high and 9 meters wide,” the artist explained, “Then after I took the picture, I destroyed it to create a new one from the material.”
He further explained that” A wave can be referred to as a regular swaying or a one-time trouble change in the state of a system.

Because observations are manifold, and individual not directly transferable and which can be experienced in so many various ways.
The question is, are appearances therefore deceptive? pondered Jorg. “No, they are not necessarily deceptive, but they join me on a journey, wash over me, and swirl through me.

Then I can go through them, stop them, touch them, but now everything comes to a standstill and goes no further.

I have no other option but to let it go. Standing up, as the second wave rolls over me,” the artist explains. I lift my head, take it by the hand and recognize the vibration and the recurring sensation, and the fear disappears.
But Jorg doesn’t reveal the location of the waves; Keen-eyed explorers might still discover them hidden somewhere in the woods around Hamburg.

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